Top 10 Cricket Batsman Ever

Cricket is one of the most prevalent sports in the world with over 2.5 billion fans all the world. Mostly relevant in the England, Australia and most evidently in South Asia, it is often treated as a religion among the Indian Cricket Fans. Cricket connects the heart and soul of the nation, the adrenaline rush among the fans, their anger and joy is a thing to experience. Every fan has a passion for cricket with so much passionate fans this game has also produced some superstar which were even considered as gods amongst some fans. Here is our list for the greatest batsman the game of cricket has ever seen.

10. Rahul Dravid

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game and our first entry on this list proves it completely. Often remembered as Wall by the fans, Rahul Dravid with his perfect technique and impenetrable defense was a nightmare for the opposition. Once settled it was nearly impossible for the bowler to get him out and he is often said to have the best temperament a cricketer has ever had. Rahul in his 15 years long international career amassed a total of 13288 test runs at an outstanding average of 52.31 and 10889 odi runs again at a decent average of 39.5. Dravid also hold the record of most balls ever faced in test cricket, never scored a duck in a test match and also the record for most catches by a fielder.

9. Don Bradman

The great Sir Donald Bradman also known as the as the “DON” is the undisputed GOAT of test cricket in terms of pure stats. Don has an absurd average of 99.94 in test cricket (second best is 61.8 by Steve Smith). Often seen on top of the lists of the greatest batsman, however we are putting him at no.9 of our list due to certain arguments such as LBW rule was not implemented, umpires were biased towards him, he only played against a handful of oppositions which rarely had any training for cricket, it is also said that team’s tally of runs were included in the account of Bradman. But no one can deny the fact that he was certainly the greatest of his generation by a mile and he was certainly a genius of this game.

8. Brian Lara

Brain Charles Lara aka The Prince, famous for his world record inning of 400* (yet to be broken) is a Caribbean Legend. Regarded as the lone warrior of his team, Lara was a flamboyant left handed batsman with a solid technique. He was a complete match winner and was able to shift the tides of the game by himself. Lara was a great player of spin and is widely popular as the greatest player of spin. Brian Lara is one of the few cricketer to have scored over 10,000 runs in both the long formats of the game. He scored 11953 test runs at an astonishing average of 52.89 and 10405 odi runs at a healthy average of 40.17.

7. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is a former Sri-Lankan wicketkeeper batman who stands second on the list of most runs ever scored by a cricketer. He also holds some great records such as most runs in a calendar year, highest partnership for a single wicket, most double centuries to name a few. This Sri-Lankan Legend was a match winner with both his bat and his gloves (holds the records for most dismissal by a wicketkeeper). The great Kumar played over 600 innings and scored a total of 12400 test runs at a Bradmanesque average of 57.14 and 14234 odi runs at an amazing average of 41.99.

6. Jacques Kallis

If this was the list of the greatest cricketers ever then Jacques Kallis would sit right at the top of the list. He is the greatest all-rounder the game of cricket has ever seen. Kallis was a complete package, he was as good as any batsman and bowler in the world at the same time. Perhaps the most difficult batsman to get out, Jacques Kallis has solid temperament and was able to score mammoth of runs. He scored a tally of 13289 test runs (@55.37) and 11579 odi runs (@44.36).

5. Ricky Ponting

A great leader, an astonishing fielder, a legendary batsman and a fierce competitor, Rick Ponting is probably the most decorated player in the game of Cricket. He was able to lead Australia to glory twice in a row and it is often said to be the golden era of Australian Cricket. A bit aggressive at times, Ponting had a never give up attitude and was ready to go the extra miles to win matches for his country. Ponting had great intent and always stepped up on the big occasions. Ponting in his 17 years long career scored a plethora of 13378 test runs (@51.85) and 13704 odi runs (@42.04).

4. AB de Villiers

Abraham Benjamin De Villiers (ABD), the superman of the game is certainly the most talented cricketer to have ever played the game of cricket. ABD being retired lately was the greatest entertainer of the game. He was so versatile that he scored the fastest century on one day and play a great test knock to save the day for the team. ABD often called as alien and MR. 360 for his infamous 360 degrees shots as he has the ability to hit any ball at any corner of the ground for a massive six. Though he had a short career, he made a great name for himself. He scored a total of 8765 test runs (@50.66) and 9577 odi runs at an absurd average of 53.5. Only if he had played longer, he might have been the greatest to have ever played this game.

3. Virat Kohli

The King of Cricket currently rules the game and it seems like he is in a league of his own. In just 13 years he has scored a total 70 centuries (only 30 shy of record 100 centuries), often referred as chase master he is living up to his reputation by chasing and breaking the records. This guy has genius written on his bat and he is a genius with the bat. He has made the Indian Team a force to reckon with. His on the face attitude, aggression and fearlessness makes him the toughest opponent to face. He has already created a ton of records and is on the verge of breaking many. Virat Kohli, the only player ever to average more than 50 in all three formats of the game. He scored a total of 7671 test runs (@51.1) and 12169 odi runs @59.1 (highest ever min. 2000runs). If he somehow manages his form, he is definitely going to end up as the best batsman the game has ever seen.
Virat Kohli

2. Sir Vivian Richards

The number 3 was the swag-star of the present then number 2 is the swag-star of the past. Sir Vivian Richards was in a league of his own, he revolutionized the way cricket used to be played. With his flamboyant style and big stroke making abilities he instilled a sense of fear amongst the opposition. He scored a tally of 8540 test runs (@50.2) and 6721 odi runs (@47.0) these were very high averages by those standards.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Everyone would have probably guessed by now. Number 1 on our list is the GOD of Cricket himself, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar made the game of cricket popular in India. Sachin Tendulkar is said to possess unmatchable talent, with perfect technique and impenetrable defense. With the size of David he batted like a Golaith, he is the most prolific run getter in the history of the game. With almost every batting record to his name. Sachin Tendulkar scored 15921 test runs (highest ever) @53.79 and 18426 odi runs (highest ever) @44.83 with a record of 100 centuries.

That is our list for the greatest cricket batsman the world has ever seen. Also, this is based on the opinion of our cricketing experts and fans and we strongly regret of not including your favorite batsman in the list. Make sure to share your list with us, and contact us for any queries/suggestions.

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