Customise Your Winter Wardrobe with These Men’s Knitwear Styles

When it comes to winter clothing and upgrading your wardrobe, there’s one rule to remember: knitwear styles are the best. Choosing the right winter style will give you many reasons to step out, despite the cold weather.

Fashion lovers will instantly agree on this one fact, there can never be enough men’s knitwear for all the men out there. So, how do you decide which style looks best? It’s never easy to pick any one style, especially when numerous options are available.

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So, this article will give you insights into all the latest styles and patterns you need to include in your wardrobe.

What are the different types of men’s knitwear?

The debate between fashion styles for men and women is a never-ending one. While women may have many more styles and patterns in their name, men, too, have plenty. It’s about finding the right fit and style for yourself.

In this section, you will discover different styles that you may fancy adding to your winter wardrobe.

1.     The roll necks

If you’ve geeked out on Steve Jobs’ videos, you know which style is being talked about. Thankfully, this style is no longer criticised. It made a classic entry back into the present times in the most dramatic way possible.

This is one of the best knitwear styles if you love cozying up and layering up with jackets. When paired with classic jeans and an overcoat, it adds a James Bond vibe to your overall appearance. Be it casual occasions or formal, these work well anywhere and everywhere.

2.     The cardigan

Also known as “the one that never goes out of style”. It is one of the most elite-looking styles preferred by men globally. Team it up with slim chinos, a t-shirt, and a pair of penny loafers, and you’re good to go.

The cardigans come in several different styles like shawl necks, V-neck styles, round-necks, etc., whichever works best for your personality. Keep them simple in block colours and over solid-coloured t-shirts, with jeans or pleated trousers.

3.     Graphic knitwear

While solid-coloured knitwear styles win all the hearts, there’s no denying that graphic knitwear styles are also making the headlines. Attention-seeking has never looked so good with these graphic men’s knitwear styles.

Pair it up with your good old jeans or a solid-coloured trouser, and this attire will help turn all the heads in the room, all for you. These designs are just as appealing as bold colours and can make a statement on any occasion. Remember to go for black if you’re confused about your colour choices.

4.     Oversized jumpers

Oversized and baggy styles never go out of fashion. They were loved by people 50 years ago, and they’re loved by the generation Z kids in present times, too. However, there’s a difference between baggy and oversized jumpers.

Oversized jumpers are designed to make your sleeves look more voluminous but in shape. These knitwear clothes can be used for experimental winter layering with a roll-neck underneath or cropped jacket over the top.

5.     Half-zip sweaters

If you love sticking to the neutrals, then half-zip sweaters will give you multiple options in earthy tones to sport the look. Fill your wardrobe with these sweaters, and you will never again have to shop for winter clothing.

This style was once only confined to house wearing, but it has emerged back with a bang and is now a crowd favourite.

Final words

It’s a common misconception that winter clothing, especially men’s knitwear, is boring, dull, and without many options. But if you explore enough, you can find styles that will suit your personality in the best ways.

Many online stores offer numerous style options for you to choose from and purchase. Make the most of it and stock your wardrobe with your favourite styles.

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