What to Look For When Buying a Sun Hat This Summer

Come summer, you will be planning to spend a lot of time outdoors. When lounging on the beach or going on a hike, you will want optimal sun protection, a high degree of comfort, and good looks. Some of the top things you need to consider when buying a sun hat this summer:

sun hat

Brim Size

A wide brim is a must for the best protection from the blazing sunshine during the peak of summer. Since you get hats with a large range of brim sizes, you should aim to pick one with the largest possible brim but make sure you look good in it. Try to buy a sun hat with a brim six inches or more to keep your head, face, and shoulders protected from the sun.

The shape of the Brim

The shape of the hat brim is not only for aesthetics but also serves an important function of protecting your face and eyes from reflected glare and V radiation. While a hat with a straight brim like that found in baseball caps can allow reflected UV light to come and hit your face from underneath the brim, a curved brim protects you better. According to Travel Earth, a fedora hat goes well with every kind of outfit, which can be a boon if you want to travel light.

Flaps and Panels

If you are planning a trip to a sunny place, you may be better off by choosing a sun hat with side flaps and side panels that hang down the sides and sometimes in the front to better protect of your head and face. If you are considering undertaking a desert safari, you will do well to buy a sun hat with a wide brim and flaps all around, including the back of your neck, to prevent sunburn. These hats are also great for protecting your eyes and nose from flying dust and sand.


A bright and sunny morning seems welcome as you begin a long hike or a round of golf with your friends in the summer. However, if you are going to be spending long time outdoors, your hat must be well-ventilated. A hat with proper ventilation does not allow the heat from building up inside the crown, causing discomfort and excessive sweating. Typically the sun hats will have small holes on the sides to let the fresh air in or even panels made of mesh material that allows the free passage of fresh air to keep your head cool and comfortable.

Dark Under-Brim 

The portion under the brim might seem unimportant, but it plays a vital role in controlling the amount of sunlight and UV radiation that reaches your face and eyes. When buying a fedora man hat, beware of models with a light-colored material on the under-brim because these reflect more light and UV radiation. You should try to buy a hat with a dark or colorful under-brim that absorbs the UV radiation and keeps you safe from potential hazards like skin cancer.


When you are outdoors in humid weather, you can expect to be sweating profusely. Hats with a sweatband on the inside keep the hat secure on your head and provide a better fit. It also stops the sweat from dripping on your brow by absorbing it. A sweatband on the inside of a hat used for strenuous outdoor activities is a must for comfort.

Material and Construction

Natural materials like straw, cotton, felt, leather, etc., are widely employed to make hats; however, on the whole, they require more care and last less than hats made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, etc. Some natural materials like straw and linen are ideal for making sun hats because they are light and breathable. However, a straw hat is rather delicate, gets spoiled when wet, and cannot be folded since it will get crushed. If you want a hat you can pack on your summer travels without getting crushed, you could consider a cloth hat or one made from polyester. The hat’s construction is also vital since a well-built one will invariably be more durable.


If you plan to be out in the sun for long periods, it can help to buy a hat made of a material with moisture-wicking properties. These materials allow the sweat to move from inside the hat to the pouter side of the material from where it can evaporate, leaving the material dry and comfortable to the touch. These hats are especially useful when you want to engage in a lot of physical activity in humid weather, causing you to sweat profusely.


On the face of it, buying a sun hat for your summer travels is simple. However, you must consider various factors that can make your buy better value for money. Some features like a chin strap, for example, may seem insignificant but can add to the performance of the hat.

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