Top 5 Super Sports Bikes Under 5 lakhs Rupees Price

Below is a list of 5 sports bikes under 5 lakhs available in India. In India, we had witness a sonic boom regarding the purchase of super sports bikes in recent years apparently. The top manufacturers that produce bikes under 5 lakhs are TVS, KTM, Honda, Bajaj, Kawasaki. The bachelors are in immense obsession to possess the twin cylinder super bikes under 5 lakh price tag INR.

Many false myths had retreated the super sports bikes lovers from possessing such enormous powerful and beautiful machines, one of it is regarding big budget that affects the one’s pocket. But trust me it’s merely a delusion. In India super bikes market had boomed with medium budget twin cylinder super bikes.

We will help you all to choose your dream super sports bikes with pocket friendly budget that will not create an bad impact on your Bank account or essential savings. It is possible that you can experience the unforgettable delightsome of your favourite super bike. Many bikers who are driven by their passion for riding super bikes are are making an attempt to buy twin cylinder bikes under 5 lakh price tag. You can also among them by seeing our catalogue of super bikes.

We had made a catalogue of best super bikes under 5 lakh price tag by comparing one of the elite brands in indian market , by comparing their performance, power , mileage and customers feedback. So, without wasting any further time , let’s proceed to our catalogue below.

1. KTM RC 390

We all are familiar now surely with KTM RC . Most of the bachelors driven crazy by its name only . Many riders also prefer to it because of its performance, speed and fantastic design. There is a specific purpose for putting this model at 1st place in our catalogue, and the reason is because of its powerful single cylinder 4 valve , liquid cool , developing 43.7 bhp of whooping power and 36 nm of torque respectively. At full throttle it can touch a peak of 170 kmph .


Ex showroom price- 2.48 lakh

Mileage- 35 kmpl

Engine displacement- 373 cc

No of colors- 2

2. Kawasaki Ninja 300

Indeed, Kawasaki still tops the chart of super sports bikes in whole world. This japanese originated company had won hearts of racers and heart of many bikers all around the world. Couple of years back Kawasaki had launched this variant  in market . It is one of the best option to be considered under 5 lakh price tag. It is equipped with 4 stroke , parallel Twin and liquid cool engine can generate max Power of 39 bhp and peak torque of 27 nm respectively . The company claims it can reach at maximum speed of 182 kmph at full throttle.


Ex showroom price- 3.18 lakhs

Mileage- 32.2 kmpl

Engine displacement- 296 cc

No of colors- 3

3. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650


We have listed royal Enfield Interceptor 650 on our catalogue because of its reviews from lakhs of riders around the india. Royal Enfield launched this model with amazing design, features and excellent performance. It can give you a delightsome experience . It’s a beauty with beast apparantly. It comes with powerful parallel twin cylinder , 4 stroke Air cooled engine wich can generate a whopping of 47 bhp and 52 nm of torque respectively. It is also the best option to be considered under 5 lakh super bikes variant.  At full throttle it can easily reach upto 166 kmph.


Ex showroom price- 2.59 lakh

Mileage – 33.20 kmpl

Engine displacement- 648 cc

No of colors- 7

4. CF Moto 650 NK


Many might haven’t heard about neither of the company nor of its model . Because this was launched only last year , so it’s new in indiam market. It’s been a more than year only but this model of the CF Moto is creating a lot of buzz apparently, because of its high immense performance under merely 5 lakh price tag. This super bike is equipped with inline-2 cylinder, 8 valve liquid cooled, fuel injected engine. Which indeed can produce a 61.8 bhp of max Power and 56 nm of peak torque respectively. The company claims that it can easily reach upto 180 kmph.


Ex showroom price- 3.98 lakh

Mileage- 21.2 kmpl

Engine displacement- 649.3 cc

No of colors- 2

5. Yamaha R3


Barely few individuals ain’t know about yamaha R series bikes in india in current time. When R15 was launched years ago , it had created immense buzz around bachelors and sports bikes lovers . Then after yamaha had launched R3 couple of years back which indeed had also earned a success in twin cylinder under 5 lakh price tag super bikes. Many suggests to buy this variant . It is powerful advance machine wich is equipped with4 stroke parallel twin cylinder , 4 valve per cylinder which can generate 41.5 bhp of max Power and 26.9 nm of peak torque respectively. At full throttle it can reach upto 180 kmph .


Ex showroom price- 3.40 lakhs

Mileage- 30 kmpl

Engine displacement- 321 cc

No of colors- 4

  • All these super bikes mentioned above in catalogue are best in premium sports bikes category under 5 lakh price tag currently.
  • Apparently, these bikes are mostly preferred by experienced riders also.
  • I hope you guys can choose and decide your favourite super sports bikes according to your choices.

Top Medium Sports Motorcycles Under 5 Lakhs in 2022

Model Price
TVS Apache RR 310 Rs. 2.65 Lakh
KTM 390 Duke Rs. 2.94 Lakh
2022 KTM RC 390 Rs. 3.13 Lakh
Honda H’ness CB350 Rs. 1.98 Lakh
Bajaj Dominar 400 Rs. 2.23 Lakh

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