Top 5 Scooters Under 1 Lakh Rupees Price: Cost, Mileage, Power

Indians had shifted their mind from commuter bikes towards Scooters, indeed. In recent years, Indian two-wheeler companies have witnessed an immense constant surge in sales of scooters. Everyone is obsessed with comfort and pocket-friendly mileage, a scooter meets their demand. In towns and cities, every one of three houses has a scooter apparently.

The headache of the clutch, changing gears and much more had diverted the minds of Indians towards purchasing scooters. Put the key and press self start, that’s it. The big thing in today’s Indian scooters had proved a big relaxing point of view for ladies and women. Now they don’t have to rely on males for bikes anymore, they got scooters. Old citizens are also attracted to the comfort zone provided by scooters.

Apparently, not merely in India, many other developed countries’ automobile markets also bombed with immense sales of scooters. Nowadays it has become a vogue while riding on fancy Scooters. Eventually, we come to see new types and variants of scooters in Indian Markets because of their increasing rapid demands.

You have attempted to approach at the very right threshold In search of scooters under the 1 lakh price tag. We had compiled a catalog of the best 5 Scooters Under a 1 Lakh price tag in the Indian market. We had respectively listed its various features and design too. So, without wasting any further time, let’s proceed to our catalog below.

1. Honda Deo


Honda is one of the leading vehicle manufacturing brands in the whole World. Even the Activa model, which is also known as a revolutionary scooter in India was launched and manufactured by Honda. The Deo model was launched in recent years only. It is one of the cheapest scooters with the best features to buy under 1 lakh apparently. Fan cooled, 4 strokes, SI engine can produce 7.76 bhp of max Power and 9 nm of peak torque respectively.

It comes with automatic transmission and clutch. It has a CVT gearbox. It has tubeless tires. It has a 5.3 L of fuel tank capacity.


Ex-showroom price- 61,500 INR Onwards

Engine displacement- 109.55 cc

Mileage – 55 kmpl 

No of colors- 8



TVS had launched this model a couple of years back. After coming into the market it had created a lot of buzzes all around India. It is considered one of the best scooters in India. Its specifications, features, and style separate it from other scooters, indeed. Its single-cylinder, 4 strokes, CVT fuel injection engine can generate a 7.47 bhp of max Power and 8.7 nm of peak torque respectively. It also has tubeless tires. It has a 5 L of fuel tank capacity.


Ex-showroom price- 61,500 INR onwards.

Engine displacement- 109.77 cc.

Mileage- 62.50 kmpl .

No of colors- 15.


3. Honda Activa 6G

We all are very familiar with Honda Activa. It is the most seen and purchased scooter of all time. It is also called a revolutionary scooter in India. It is most likely trusted also. It has earned an immense name and Activa is a symbol of integrity too. Its 1 cylinder, 4 stroke SI engine can generate a 7.79 bhp of max Power and 8.79 of peak torque respectively. It has tubeless tires. It has a 5.3 L fuel tank.


Ex-showroom price – 69000 INR onwards

Engine displacement- 109.52 cc

Mileage – 55 kmpl

No of colors- 8


4. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 cc is also a lot famous among us. The new variant of this model is so stylish and fancy that it attracts a lot of attention on roads. It is a symbol of comfort and integrity. It is also known for its comfort and pocket-friendly budget and mileage.

It has a fuel tank of 5 Ltr, tubeless tires. Its 4 strokes, Air-cooled, 1 cylinder engine can generate 8.7 bhp of max Power and 10 nm of peak torque respectively.


Ex-showroom price- 74000 INR

Engine displacement- 124 cc

Mileage – 53 kmpl

No of colors- 9

5. Aprilia SR 125

Many of us are well familiar with Brand Aprilia. Aprilia is considered as one the most elite 2 vehicles Italian brands. It’s a very old brand too. It is an experienced brand in sports bikes. Aprilia had launched this variant in recent years only in India. Its design is too unique And the comfort is next level. It is powered by a single cylinder, 3 valves, 4 stroke air cooled engine that can easily generate 9.92 bhp of max Power and 9.7 nm of peak torque respectively.

It has tubeless tyres, alloy wheels, all functions are digital. The company claims at full throttle it can easily up to  90 kmph . It is worth it to buy scooters under 1 lakh.


Ex-showroom price- 68,600 INR onwards

Engine displacement- 124.45 cc

Mileage- 40 kmpl

No of colors- 3

  • All these scooters under the 1 lakh price tag listed in the catalog are the best in the market at the current time.
  • We had created this catalog by comparing customers reviews, mileage, and performance.
  • I hope this article can help you with finding the best scooters in the Indian market in accordance with your pocket and choices.

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