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In the last decade, the pandemic of current Coronavirus has changed how students want to learn. In response, more and more people have been going back to online education as the norm. With social distancing guidelines and a risk of infection, many have found it’s safer to go digital with offline studies as well. Now, e-learning apps are available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Our next article will cover the best online learning applications available in India and help people want to learn on their smartphones.

Top Education APPs in India

Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives and schools too. Hence, schools in India have started adopting mobile apps for various purposes.

The top education mobile apps in India:

  • Meritnation :

This education application is like a unique solution for students of classes 6-12. Whether it is the help of the task, the compensation session, the textbook solutions, the video lessons, the sample documents, the simulated test, the easy review notes for class 6- 12, the documents of the previous plate and even the study material for national olympics as well.

  • Khan Academy :

Khan Academy is one of the best free apps to use for students. We want to make education accessible, free of cost and world-class for all who are interested in learning. And we have to admit that they’re delivering it pretty impressively. Khan Academy has a well-known way to work knowledge into your brain.

  • BYJU’S – The Learning App :

Byju’s is a fast growing online education application that caters to school students as well as the professional exams. They have all teachers’ material for all levels of schooling- Class 6-10, followed by IIT JEE.

  • Vedantu Live Learning App :

Vedantu offers you access to tons of live-online classes including free ones. Choose between various exam courses with premium content in the app.

  • Udemy Video Courses :

Udemy is an online learning platform with video courses of expert instructors in different fields. There are courses available for free or with payment covering topics about business, programming, office productivity, personal development, design & photography among other things. Then, if you are in skill development, Udemy is an excellent way to go.

  • Unacademy Learning App :

Unacademy is giving kids a strong competitive edge by making a world of learning accessible through content, lessons and videos for national competitive exams like UPSC, CSE, IIT-JEE etc. What’s more, they have dedicated courses for bank exams.

  • Toppr: Better learning for better results

Toppr is an award-winning learning platform that provides customized courses for all abilities and levels. One of the many great features is that students can attend live classes and get any questions they may have answered in real time. It also gives students a timetable so they can stay updated with upcoming deadlines.

  • Doubtnut :

Doubtnut is a unique educational app that helps solve any maths problems you might have. If you ever think, “I’m not sure how to do this,” Doubtnut will help you find a solution in a few seconds. They have Maths courses for NCERT(class 6-12) and IIT-JEE with videos, books and PDFs included. Doubtnut is a great app to help you solve your doubts about board exams or IIT JEE prep.

  • Testbook :

Job alert notifications and government exam preparation- you need the one app for both. Download this today. They have a 24 hour discussion portal where you can ask all your questions. Materials are in both Hindi and English and they offer a ‘Nightly’ mode for when you want to pick up your studies any time of the day.

  • Google Classroom

The Google Classroom is a powerful software in the online classroom, combining tools for teaching and learning with Google innovation. Teachers could use this streamlined tool to share their documents with the students, check progress and provide feedback all from inside their Google account. It simplifies the process of creating an assignment by creating a template or providing a short video with instructions.

Contributor: Mr. Mayank Patel, Chief Technical Officer and Managing Director of CAMPUSDEAN School Management System Software.

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