Top 10 Pizza Brands in the World

With so many pizza fans all over the world, Pizza companies are increasing day by day worldwide. In this article we will let you know top 10 pizza brands on the planet.

Having a bad day!!? Or confused for a place to celebrate your mood with your friends and loved ones- What’s better choice than a slice of pizza for all kinds of moods and occasions and that too for all age group. So, presenting before you, especially made for you with love and taste, a list of top ten brands of pizzas in the world so that you don’t have to think twice where to swing to for enjoying those precious moments of your life.

Below is the list of Top 10 Pizza Brands in The World

1. Domino’s Pizza

No one says no to dominos. It’s an American multinational pizza restaurant chain. No wonder it’s the largest pizza chain in the world making delicious and customizable pizzas everyday that too according to the dietary needs of their customers. All the pizzas are great tasting served with fresh batch of sauces and for those who are extremely choosy about their toppings, pepperoni and mushrooms might be the best choices for you.

Dominos Pizza
Dominos Pizza

2. Pizza Hut

Who had ever wondered that Pizza Hut, the name that was taken just because the sign only had room for eight letters, will become one of the largest brands of pizza. It is an American multinational restaurant chain and international franchise. Their pizza here is so soft and delicious made from high quality fresh ingredients straight from the farm.

Pizza hut Pizza
Pizza hut Pizza

3. Papa John’s

“Better ingredients, better pizza”-Most wisely and well-deserved slogan chosen slogan by papa johns. The meaningfulness of the slogan is reflected in their pizza maintain high quality and taste of their finger licking super delicious of the most attractive feature of papa john’s is that you can have access to high standard tasty food at unbeatable prices. Papa john has been very consistent in maintaining the quality of food.


4. Little Caesars

Mike and Marian Ilitch opened Little Caesar’s and the name was taken after the nick name of Mike “Little Caesar”. The special feature of Little Caesar’s is that it makes its dough fresh in store daily. And one funny and crazy thing is that you can actually get a free order of crazy bread if you say pizza pizza, pizza while ordering.

5. California Pizza Kitchen

It is a great place to hang out with friends and family if you are fond of Californian styled pizza. They stand out because of their non traditional innovative and creative pizzas. You are free to style your pizza or pie according to your taste and need by choosing the ingredients yourself.

6. Marco’s Pizza

It is famous for its Italian style pizza. Although it’s a little pricey but their quality and flavors balance all. Their dough is also made fresh daily in store and pizza is loaded with cheese and fresh vegetables and premium meat. Sauce is a blend of imported spices and it does tastes like heaven!

7. Papa Murphy’s

It was formed when two local companies Papa Aldo’s pizza and Murphy’s pizza merged together. They provide freshly baked pizza where you got to choose your crust, your sauce and your toppings. Everything here is hand crafted and it has also been crowned for overall trust, sanitation and loyalty

8. Sbarro Pizza

This pizza chain specializes in New York style pizza. It was founded in 1956 and initially Carmela “mama” Sbarro made pizza slices as quick meals but soon they became very famous. Also, it has the best pasta, salad and xl NY slices.

9. Cicis Pizza

It’s an Italian American a buffet style chain having delicious and variety of pizzas in affordable range. They lead the market differently by providing buffest only during lunch time or on certain days of the week.

10. Chuck E. Cheese Pizza

It’s an American family entertainment center and restaurant chain, located in Irving, Texas, it features arcade games, rides and character shows along with serving pizza and other food items. Main feature is their all-natural cheese that melts in mouth.

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