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IIM is one of the leading and most prestigious universities in India, especially for business studies. With such a great repo, the university sets high expectations from its students, and to make sure only the best students become a part of it, it takes several measures. One of these measures includes the CAT exam. CAT or Common Admission Test is an entrance test for IIM. It is pretty much the same as CMAT and MAT, just that it prepares you for business and finance studies. CAT is a compulsory requirement of IIM and other such high-profile business schools. Reason being the increasing rate of candidates and the value of the course.

CAT 2021 Result

Although the CAT exam is not mandatory in every business school in India, the majority of finance students opt for it after completing their Bachelor’s degree. Why? You ask. Simply because of its scope. Adding CAT scores to your CV can increase your credibility to an immense level. It not only improves your job portfolio but also allows you great career opportunities. The CAT 2022 exam scores can even help you get into the top schools of India and too based on merit. Candidates who clear their CAT exams are considered to be eligible for admission based on their knowledge, skills, and aptitude.

Speaking of eligibility, CAT has eligibility requirements as well; an Intermediate degree with an aggregate of 50% and a Bachelor’s degree with an aggregate of 50%. The CAT exam consists of multiple-choice questions as well as definitive questions. The course syllabi are divided into three main parts; QA (quantitative aptitude), DILR (data interpretation and logical reasoning), and lastly, VARC (verbal ability and reading comprehension). The CATs are conducted once every year by the government. The time duration of the exam is 2 hours. Another fact about CAT is that it is a computer-based test.

CAT exams can be pretty time-consuming as well as super exhausting. Many students take this course sideways with their Bachelor’s (to save time). For this reason, they approach external sources to teach them the course. However, some certified local institutes have dedicated departments for CAT, to fully prepare individuals. The idea of these institutes is much better since it provides proper training and focus on every individual. According to sources, Cat 2022 exam result will be announced on January 8, 2023.

So keep your alarms all set, because you sure don’t want to miss the result.

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