Tips to build great future in AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform, whose mastery is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after career paths today. The growing number of candidates seeking jobs in this segment paves the way for interest in AWS training programs.

Wondering why AWS Cloud?

Because AWS training and certification can open doors for high-paying jobs in cloud computing. AWS is one of the earliest cloud computing services. It commenced its certification courses offering in 2013.

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There are four different levels of AWS training certifications that you can choose from. They are:

  • Certifications for foundational levels
  • Certifications for associate levels
  • Certifications for professional levels
  • Certifications in specializations

Each of the above certification levels houses special focus courses (a total of 11) within. If you want to be successful, selecting a suitable certification course is the most crucial step.

The course you choose will determine your next goal. You can choose the certification courses depending on your current profile.

The 4 Handy Tips you’re looking for

Here are 4 most-followed tips that will help you build a future in the field of AWS cloud:

  1. Be a Curious Bird

It’s always an excellent plan to start with the fundamentals. Exploring cloud computing concepts and their essences, along with some AWS Cloud fundamentals, will give you much-needed context. Further, you can delve into how users employ the AWS Cloud in their businesses. The more curious you are, the more eager you are to learn and question.

After exploring the domain thoroughly, draw a list of possible job opportunities that AWS can provide. It will help in shortlisting the job profiles that you may be interested in.

‘Job Roles in the Cloud’, a free digital course by AWS Training, compares how cloud jobs differ from on-premise profiles. The free course also explains the job evaluation process in cloud computing.

  1. Set SMART Goals

To achieve milestones, you need to set SMART goals. These goals will keep you focused and on track. By SMART, we mean:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

One such goal is to pull through an AWS certification training program. AWS experts carefully put together specific certification exams according to the applicable technical profiles. Such examinations prepare you for skills required in the field. Certifications also help boost confidence and enhance credibility.

An AWS badge, like the AWS DevOps cloud certification or the AWS cloud developer badge, helps get noticed by professionals in the field. Getting this badge will make a significant contribution to your portfolio.

Certification in the fundamentals can help in preparing for an advanced AWS certification course. After completing associate-level certification, you can move on to the professional certification programs. AWS also provides certifications for concepts like Cloud Security, Advanced Networking, Data Analytics etc. In addition to the above, AWS training has free courses that help with exam preparations.

  1. Gather hands-on experience

Learning is made ten times better when both theory and practice work in tandem. Similarly, having hands-on experience in cloud computing attracts better employment opportunities.

AWS training with practical testing is a good option. Next, try to build a portfolio from your training period. The certificate displays your knowledge of the domain and shows that you can use your skills to their utmost potential.

  1. Prepare thoroughly for AWS 

AWS hosts several platforms where you can join other cloud enthusiasts and learn from the community. One event that took place in July 2021 was Global Kick-Start, an AWS certified worldwide challenge. Participating in such events helps establish your skills and expand your community. Networking, no matter which domain you belong to, is always essential.

To sum it up

These tips will propel your career in AWS:

  • Curiosity and exploration are highly rewarded.
  • Having achievable goals makes your path clearer.
  • Having practical experience adds to your theoretical knowledge and your resume.
  • Staying open to AWS events or challenges makes learning fun. And networking within the AWS community opens doors for opportunities.

Before going ahead with the AWS training and certification, it’s advised to clarify why you should pursue this path. Understanding your desired profile is even better, so you can select a course that accentuates your portfolio.

During the training, if you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, remember what Einstein said. There is opportunity in every difficulty. It’s okay to take a breath and complete your AWS training at your own pace. Focus on the quality of your learning rather than how quickly you are completing your training.

Get right to it. Good luck!

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