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Surrogacy based movies are being developed in Bollywood since long time. Surrogacy is still simply one more road for our motion pictures to romanticize parenthood.
Movie director Laxman Utekar’s Mimi is his second movie with Kriti Sanon after Lukka Chuppi. The movie is good and full of emotions and will touch your heart for sure. Mimi movie Review is not easy for everyone as this is movie which makes you laugh, sad and Happy.


In the movie Kriti plays Mimi, a ‘youthful and fit’ lady in unassuming community Rajasthan. She isn’t hoping to take care of her family, however wishes to be a Bollywood star, a fantasy that she faculties could turn into a reality when a two or three comes searching for an Indian broiler to prepare their bun in.

An American couple comes to India and looking for a Surrogate mother who can give birth to their child. They are traveling in the CAB of a Pankaj Tripathi, who plays the scheming driver Bhanu and sets everything up. With guarantees of ₹20 lakh to purchase a Dabboo Ratnani portfolio shoot with, Mimi consents to allow the couple to sow their seed in her homestead.
This is the 70% story of the movie and in 30% the real drama and conclusion exists. As we are providing you Mimi movie Review so cant reveal 100% story here. You’ll have to watch the movie to know the rest 30% of the movie.
In the acting segment Kriti and Pankaj has done fantastic job. There are two songs in the movie and one of them has become superhit after the release which is Param Sundari. Kriti’s Param Sundari dance coveris amazing and her expressions are super beautiful.

Overall movie is good and above average. Its a great treat for them who love to watch comedy and emotional movies.

After reading our Mimi movie Review you must have some questions in your mind. So just go and watch the movie and tell us how did you feel and what are your thoughts.

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