Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Which One Should You Pick?

Netflix along with Amazon Prime Video leads the video-on-demand (VOD) streaming market with the first and second spots of users who are active. Both companies produce original series and films, have also won prizes for their content, and offer access to many popular licensed programs that move through their catalogs.

Yet, even as both services battle for our attention They’re quite distinct from one another in many areas like cost, selection of content, and other features. If you’re the choice is limited to one, which would you select? It’s not an easy choice, so we’ve put together a cheat sheet that lets you evaluate both on the most crucial criteria. Make sure you have your scorecard and wallet in order. Let’s get into the details.

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix Experience

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix Experience

Two of the most popular VOD streaming providers across the US, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix offer a variety of functions like several profiles and personalization options.


As a high-end streaming option, Amazon Prime Video does not offer DVR storage, like Sling TV. Instead, you can download videos as you wish. Netflix might not have DVR storage, however, like Amazon Prime Video, you can download movies and shows to watch offline.

Netflix provides simultaneous streaming however, the number of streaming devices available depends on the plan you select. The Basic plan lets you stream only one device at a. The Standard plan offers two streams, while the Premium option offers four. In the case of Amazon Prime Video, you can stream up to three videos simultaneously however, you are only able to watch only one video across two different devices at the same time.

Amazon Video vs. Netflix content

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix differ in their approach to content. Amazon Prime Video offers more movies however Netflix excels in its original programming. The two streaming platforms have received awards for their original programs and films. For example, with Amazon Studios, you have Manchester by the Sea, The Salesman, and Paterson. Netflix offers titles such as Icarus, The Irishman, Stranger Things, and The Crown.

Netflix is generally slightly slow in licensing programs, it generally falls behind a season. Amazon, however, on the contrary side, offers users the possibility of renting or purchasing new episodes of programming after the first broadcast which is not offered by Netflix. Some torrent sites like 13377x Movies also had excellent library of movies but these sites are illegal and not safe to use. Amazon is an excellent option when you are looking for hard-to-find shows and films. Amazon Prime Video also provides access to many HBO shows such as Deadwood, Succession, The Sopranos The Wire, and The Wire.


Netflix allows you to personalize the appearance of up to 5 profiles in one account. You can establish parental control for each profile. It also allows users to restrict choices for viewing by requiring a special code to view specific types of content. The process of creating profiles with Amazon Prime Video is slightly more complex. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you are able to connect your account to that of your spouse -Amazon Household lets you share your wallet and library online.

In terms of add-on options, Amazon Prime knocks it out of the field. It beats Netflix in this category because it is what Amazon excels at — function as an online marketplace. The service has a range of additional channels that you can buy to enhance your experiences, such as Showtime or STARZ.

The controls for setting settings of Amazon Prime Video are accessible on Android and iOS devices by going to My Stuff at the bottom of your screen and pressing the settings icon. Netflix will require you to select the Account menu option to open your settings.

User Experience

Netflix offers a modern user interface, well-optimized for performance that can be used across a variety of devices. The interfaces of Amazon are more complex and not as well-integrated, which makes navigation and browsing slightly more difficult. This could be due to Prime Video being one of the many services that are part of Amazon’s marketplace. Amazon marketplace and Netflix are completely invested in your experience with VOD.

App Usage

While Amazon’s user interface isn’t quite as good as Netflix’s, their app does well using Amazon devices, such as Alexa as well as Echo.  Netflix allows for consistency across devices, but Amazon Prime Video, on contrary it doesn’t. Amazon’s interface performs better when it is a part of the company’s content, but it can also be a suitable interface for other applications. One of the greatest features of the Amazon Prime Video app is the sheer number of apps and channels that are accessible.

Pricing and Plans Available for Amazon Prime and Netflix

Contrary to different streaming options, Amazon Prime Video only offers only one plan. The one-size-fits-all service includes the Prime membership that comes with plenty of benefits, including the standard high-definition 4K Ultra HD quality video. Netflix is, on the contrary, offers three levels of service, including Basic Standard, Premium, and Basic choices.

Amazon Prime Video comes along with an Amazon Prime membership. You can however purchase a separate subscription for $8.99/mo. With Netflix, you can choose from three plans available Standard, Basic ($8.99/mo. ), Standard ($13.99/mo. ), Premium ($17.99). The major differences between levels are that the higher levels provide HD or Ultra HD, plus additional screens to watch at the same time. You have free options like 4movierulz torrent website, which leaks the latest films online, but users must avoid using these websites for their own safety and well-being.

Amazon Prime’s annual membership lets you stream at the best quality that your television or streaming device and internet connection will support with the 4K Ultra HD with HDR, and Dolby Atmos. Similar to Netflix the quality of streaming will differ according to the type of TV or film. Each of the Prime Video memberships lets you stream up to three titles at a time, however, you have the ability to stream the exact movie on two devices simultaneously. The cheapest price of Netflix’s plan is roughly similar to Amazon Prime Video, which implies that on a strictly economic basis, Amazon Prime Video wins this time.

Final Conclusion

Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video are two of the most popular VOD streaming services available on the market. Amazon Prime Video offers an enormous library of content, and Netflix excels when it comes to creating original programming. While both are excellent choices. Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day trial period for free. This will allow you ample time to give this service a test and find out how it stands up with Netflix.

Netflix Standard might be more than many people would like to pay. If you already use Prime Delivery, you might already have a Netflix alternative. If you’ve joined Amazon Prime for Prime Delivery and Prime Music, you already have Prime Video. There are likely to be movies you’re interested in particularly if you’re paying for them. One thing is for certain the streaming wars will not stop anytime in the near future, so we’d better be prepared for these choices!

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