Tools to Import EML to PST File Format for Outlook

Would you want a free EML to PST conversion? You’ve come to the correct location. This article will cover all you need to know about EML and PST files, as well as why you should import EML to PST. Keep an eye on this blog to discover how to convert EML to PST Accurately.

Fantastic Tool to Import EML to PST File Format for Outlook
EML– An EML file is a single email file created by Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook, and other email clients. It can be found in both text and binary formats. The ASCII content and attachments, normal text, and hyperlinks included by the body component make up an EML file. Individual message files are commonly used to exchange essential emails via electronic modes of communication.

PST– MS Outlook storage file is also known as PST (Personal Storage Table). It keeps track of a variety of things, including emails with or without attachments, appointment records, address book information, and so on. A file with the .pst extension is only accessible through the Microsoft Outlook email software, which is in high demand among corporate users.

After learning about EML and PST files, it’s time to learn why they’re being converted.

Users wish to import EML to PST for a variety of reasons.

The following are some of the most typical reasons for this migration:

  • When compared to other email applications, Microsoft Outlook is the most popular. Many organizations find it simple to manage their addresses as well as personal information in this application.
  • As a result of the discontinuation of Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail service, users of this email client are looking for a way to convert EML files to Outlook PST files.

Manual Methods for Converting EML to PST

There are three manual techniques to choose from, as listed below:

The first way to accomplish this is by using drag and drop

When a .eml file is saved independently on your system and there is no associated application for accessing and displaying EML files, this technique is typically utilized. This step requires the installation of the Outlook application.

After you’ve installed Outlook, follow the steps below:

  • To begin, launch the MS Outlook application.
  • Select any of the EML files from the local system directory where they are kept.
  • Then drag and drop the .eml file into the MS Outlook email client.
  • If you lose your contacts after importing them into Outlook, you may quickly restore deleted contacts from Outlook.

All EML files will be imported into Outlook PST as a result of this.

The second method is to use Windows Live Mail

Before using this procedure, make a backup copy of your EML files. If unexpected losses occur, you should maintain a backup file stored in a secondary storage location. To begin, use the Microsoft Outlook email client and connect to the Exchange server, then follow the steps below:

  • To begin, open the MS Windows Live Mail email client and select File >> Save As. >> Export Messages sent through email
  • After that, a new window will open, where you can select Microsoft Exchange and then click the Next button.
  • Then, when a dialogue box displays, press OK to import EML to PST for free.
  • Choose whether you want to import all folders or specific folder files from Windows Live Mail into Microsoft Outlook.
  • After you’ve made your choice, press the OK button.
  • The procedure of execution will begin right now. Wait for it to finish.
  • It displays an Export Complete message panel after completion, then press the Finish button.

Use Outlook Express as a third option

This approach entails launching the Outlook Express application. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook email client first. Then select File >> Open & Export >> from the drop-down menu. Import/Export
  • After that, select Import Internet Mail….. from the drop-down menu, and then select Outlook Express >>. Next
  • After that, a panel will display, and you’ll need to press the Finish button.

These are all manual methods for converting EML to PST, but they are only applicable to one of two files. It also takes a long time to import EML to PST one by one. As a result, you can use the EML Converter utility to convert EML files in bulk to PST. It exports a large amount of emails, including attachments. This program has a renaming option that can be used to reject undesired EML files. As a result, this software is suggested for secure and speedy transfer.

The Final Word
We’ve covered every feasible reason to import EML to PST. This conversion has also been described using three manual methods. A straight path is also described for a secure and rapid solution.

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