Why do people travel?

Most people at some point in their life will feel the need to travel. It could be a one-day trip for a holiday, two weeks to a hot place in order to get a tan, it could be a year to do a cultural exchange or even longer for multiple reasons, the important thing is that the tourism sector and Hoteliers must take advantage of the reasons why people travel to offer travellers unique and unrepeatable experiences.

Visit family 

Some family members move to another country. It can be on the other side of the world or simply in another country next to yours. No matter where they are located, you will want to visit them at some point or another. The great thing about family visits is not only that you catch up with your loved ones, but you also get to see how they live and get up close and personal with their new culture. These new cultures where your family lives could also encourage you to explore different parts of the world on your own.

Why do people travel?
Why do people travel?

Spend time with friends

A trip around the world can be described as the best experience in life. The memories you will make are enough to last you until your last days and what better way to enjoy these memories than with your friends. Planning a vacation with friends can be a great way to say goodbye before or after going to college. Anyway, sharing time with friends is one of the reasons why people travel: a trip is a great activity that you can do together and that you will always remember. Who wouldn’t want to travel from country to country relaxing on different beaches every day? with his best friend?

Finding a better climate

No matter where you live, at some point you will complain about the climate you find yourself in. “I’m too hot” or “It’s too cold.” Many people travel simply to escape the weather they experience on a daily basis. People living in colder climates run into the sun to get a tan, and people from hot countries may travel to colder places to try activities like skiing. The weather is one of the many reasons why people travel.

Discover new cultures 

The discovery of new cultures is part of the list of reasons why people travel. Some people like adventures and escaping from their everyday life. They prefer the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect and want to deepen their knowledge about other lifestyles. How do other people live? What do they eat? What are your hobbies and values? And what better way to discover these things than by exploring the world. If you are this type of traveler, consult our tips to make the most of your next trip.

Find themselves 

This is a very common reason and in particular seems to be triggered by a life-changing event at home. It may be that you have lost your job, that a long relationship has ended, that you have graduated from university and still have no idea what you want to do or it may be the loss of a loved one. People who travel to find themselves tend to travel alone.

10 things to avoid so you won’t be an obnoxious tourist

  1. The one who always takes time and leaves his travel companions waiting. This type of tourist is extremely irritable, especially when it comes to group excursions. In addition to upsetting everyone’s itinerary and plans, it can even cause them to miss reservations or flights. When traveling in a group you have to understand that everyone depends on everyone.
  2. There are tourists who do not have the slightest respect for the destinations they visit: they throw rubbish, climb the monuments -or take their children up- to take photos, or want to leave their name marked anywhere.
  3. The tourist who treats guides, waiters and other tourist servers badly is no less irritating, all because “he is paying”. Or the one who fills his trays with food -which he won’t be able to eat- because it has everything included.
  4. Those who are not interested in local heritage and traditions do not visit their museums, monuments, historical or traditional places such as market squares. Also the one who criticizes everything or compares it with other trips, or complains about the weather, the food, the hotel, the traffic, and does not know how to adapt to the environment or let himself be conquered by the culture and local attractions. Or the one who thinks he knows everything and keeps interrupting the guides.
  5. The tourist who arrives at a destination is no less irritable and the first thing he does is look for a Wi-Fi network to connect, instead of knowing and enjoying the things that the place can offer him. They seek to connect to the Internet to share their photos on social networks before exploring and enjoying the place.
  6. With photos there are many uncomfortable behaviors: the one who wants to take photos of everything and makes others wait, or who asks that they take photos at all times and places. There are those who even risk their lives to take a selfie in dangerous places or situations.
  7. The tourist who takes places and monuments for himself is also uncomfortable, and leaves others waiting who also want a photo there. Taking photos with tablets is not only impractical: they take up a lot of space and take the charm out of landscapes.
  8. The one who gets drunk and wants to spend it from party to party. By being in this plan, they lose the opportunity to know the destinations and affect the activities of others, because, surely, they will be late the next day or they will not want to get up.
  9. The one who neglects his personal hygiene and generates bad odors that are uncomfortable, especially in hotels (such as the Santiago Hotel), restaurants, planes and other means of transport. Nothing worse than having to sleep in a hostel with a stranger who smells bad.
  10. The worst of all is the one who comes looking for the so-called sex and drug tourism. Especially the one who looks for minors to sexually exploit them. That one not only deserves the repudiation and denunciations of all: he deserves to go to jail.

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