Antalya To The World

The resort towns of Turkey are attractive not only for the sea and beaches but also for the non-obvious opportunities for urban recreation. Though sometimes it can be difficult to get there because of the lack of tickets. Though when you have already bought a ticket and are waiting for your journey, check Spinia casino to win the jackpot and remove the boredom.

Antalya To The World

In the main resort city of Turkey, many visitors associate the word all-inclusive. Tourists come here to protect themselves from Turkish life and local customs and get a quality vacation. However, in Antalya, you can relax in almost the same way as in the European Mediterranean. For example, rent a room in a small hotel or a cozy apartment near a clean public beach and live next to pleasant neighbors. And besides the warm sea and the endless buffet in Antalya, there are many more interesting things.


Antalya is divided into five districts: Kepez, Muratpasa, Aksu, Döşemealti and Konyaalti. The latter is the largest and most picturesque, with a pebbly beach and green mountains. It is better to live there. It is very clean, and well-groomed, with beautiful and tidy houses, cafes, and eateries, and lemon, apricot and even banana trees grow everywhere. Quiet enough, but light sleepers will have to get used to the loud call for prayer at six in the morning. Mosques are at every turn. And there are also a lot of impudent cats and lazy dogs. You can find in almost every house or park feeders, dry food and water.

Lycian Way and Mount Chimera

Fans of outdoor activities should follow the 540 km long Lycian Way. It is located between Fethiye and Antalya. Three thousand years ago there was a trade route. In 1989, an Englishwoman living in Turkey decided to build a hiking route. She received funding from a Turkish bank and assembled a group of volunteers. They made the route markings. The trail runs through the ruins of ancient Lycian cities, mountain rivers, and canyons.

If you turn a little off the path, you will get to Mount Chimera. It is located near the ancient Lycian city of Olympos. There are flames that have been burning on the mountain for centuries. Those are natural gas coming out of limestone cracks and serpentine formations. A small stream flows along the slope, which sometimes extinguishes the fire. Eventually, it lights up again.

Seashore Konyaalti

If you want to capture the mountains in all their glory, visit the observation deck in the old town of Kaleici. It is easily accessible by bike, the trip takes about an hour. Most of the route runs along the newest embankment. Along the way, you can stop for a drink at one of the many bars overlooking the sea.

Local Cuisine

You have to be careful when going to restaurants. They are not always tasty and often do not have a menu. Especially in fish establishments, and if you do not speak Turkish, there is a chance that they will inflate the price. Street food is much tastier, but it is quite heavy. The basic ingredients are bread, fried meat or fish, butter, and hot sauce. Basically, street food consists of different types of kebab, doner, and balyk-ekmek (fish or seafood with salad or vegetables in bread). It is worth trying the local mussels. They are stuffed with rice, boiled in a spicy broth, and then poured with plenty of lemons. Breakfast is definitely worth the local pastries. First of all, you need to try simit (something like a sesame pretzel), burek (a delicate layer cake with cheese or meat), and gozleme (a thin flatbread with various fillings, similar to pasties).

Antalya is always happy to meet new tourists. You will enjoy your trip!

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