Best Features of Abu Dhabi Montessori and Indian International Schools

Abu Dhabi is one of the most sought after destinations for businesses and top notch professionals for the great opportunities that it provides on account of its flourishing economy and future growth prospects. That is the reason why it is home to many expats from around the world who live there with their families.

The presence of a large number of Montessori and international schools in the kingdom make it easy for them to do so. Among the largest expat communities in Abu Dhabi is the Indian one and they prefer to get their children to join the many Indian international schools in the region. The reason for doing so is compatibility of the syllabus offered in these schools with the one followed back home. The other reason for doing that is the fact that Indian international school fees are on the whole quite reasonable, considering the kind of standards that they boast.

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Let’s take a look at what makes Abu Dhabi  Montessori and international  schools popular amongst expats with regard to educating their children. 

1. Indian International Schools in Abu Dhabi Offer Acclaimed Montessori Programs

Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi are not only one of the foremost international schools in the region,they also boast the much acclaimed programs like the Global Montessori Plus program that include the use of modern education tools to provide the best possible start to children’s education. That apart, its own pedagogy is known to be amongst the best deployed anywhere in the world.

These schools are the definitive place to receive an education right from the Montessori level to high school. It has some of the best infrastructure, facilities and staff anywhere and provides an education that ensures a child’s bright future.

2. Abu Dhabi Nursery Schools Are Really Special

Abu Dhabi certainly boasts of the most  definitive Montessori schools in Abu Dhabi, dedicated to the beliefs and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, the progenitor of the Montessori way of educating small children. Their teachers are handpicked for their ability to love and respect children so that the latter can feel empowered to become self reliant.

The Montessori curriculum is specifically designed to include a range of empowering activities and experiences that help a child develop in an optimal manner.

3. International Schools From Many Nations in Abu Dhabi Including Indian

There are internationally renowned schools run by nationals from around the world in Abu Dhabi. The idea is to provide an education that is commensurate with what is provided in one’s home country. These are the ones with the highest degree of credibility. They offer the most sought after curricula from around the world  alongside the IB curricula and the medium of instruction is largely English. Accepting students in the age group of 3 to 18 years,  these international schools in Abu Dhabi are extremely popular with expats seeking to provide their children with world class education.

4. Best Curricula and Infrastructure

The Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi are of great repute offering IB and the CBSE  curricula.Not only are they very good at academics, but they are known for their extracurricular activities as well. Their infrastructure, faculty and amenities are out of the top drawer and consequently most expats would love to put their children into those schools.

5. Best Faculty

Many acclaimed Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi schools employ some of the most experienced and well qualified teachers to impart a typically international education as dictated by the curriculum they follow. They accept students between the ages of 3 and 18 and provide them with an education that stands them in good stead for the rest of their lives. It is not, therefore, surprising that Abu Dhabi schools like those are the most sought after when it comes to the choice of a great school for one’s child or children.

6. Indian International school fees

The aspect of affording the Indian international school fees is also not an issue to ponder over as it is reasonably structured. Most Indian expats will find it quite relieving as some of the best Montessori International schools in Abu Dhabi have affordable fee structures in spite of providing top facilities inside their campuses that are at par or even better when compared to other international schools.


Abu Dhabi has some of the best schools in the world and many of these are international schools that have their origin in countries like the U.S, Germany, the UK and India. The expats hailing from these countries prefer to put their children in schools run by their own compatriots as that makes things easier and convenient for them. Expat Indians, naturally would like to put their children in an Indian run international school that offers an Indian curriculum and affordable Indian international school fees. Likewise, the British and American expats would prefer schools that cater to the respective needs of their children.The good news is that Abu Dhabi has some of the best schools in the region that cater to everyone’s specific requirements.

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